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About Us

Empowering Local Filmmakers and Content Creators

LoCo+ is a distribution platform that connects local filmmakers and content creators with monetizable audiences and pathways to premium streaming channels.

Our platform

empowers local filmmakers and content creators by providing innovative tools to monetize content while building a loyal community that starts locally and extends globally. Our team works to identify and solve the monetization and distribution challenges in media entertainment, prioritizing the filmmaker’s independence and earnings. No upfront payment for creators; LoCo+ takes a 20% fee on creator earnings on the platform.

Our technology

embraces the challenges filmmakers face in the current business models. We are building for the future, including web3 blockchain technology that ensures equity, transparency, and ownership for creators.

Creators and their content must follow our Community Guidelines and production requirements (see below).

Why LoCo+?

  • Creators remain 100% in control of their creative, publishing, and earnings. Maintaining independence while benefiting from our network support.
  • Clear deal terms for creators. Creator takes home 80% of earnings, less processing fees.
  • Creator owns the data. LoCo+ will not sell data for advertising.
  • Localization provides creators a home market advantage and more targeted content promotion for new paths to success.
  • Monetization tools offer optionality for higher-quality fan engagement.
  • Partnerships with Premium streamers and channels improve discoverability and fan development.

The future of content is independent, localized, and decentralized.

Here’s how it works

  • Creators submit a content sample to be accepted on the platform. Content must meet technical requirements (see below) and Community Guidelines.
  • Creators set up a channel to begin publishing content on LoCo+. Exclusive content is preferred but not required.
  • Creators manage publishing, earnings, and audience data through our backend Creator Studio. Content is streamed as a network.
  • Creators activate monetization tools to begin earning. Creators take home 80% of their earnings.

Quality Control Requirements

  • HD Quality Video - A high-definition video is a high-quality video that looks sharp and clear on most screens. 1080p quality preferred.
  • High-Quality Post Production - Content must have a finished produced look with the following high-quality standards:
  • Sound Mix - Music and voice-overs mixed properly, and sound is at the correct level for optimal viewing.
  • Professional graphics and logos.
  • Bylines and captions are written clearly, without typos.
  • Rights and Clearances- The Creator takes full responsibility for the content on their channel, including the clearance of all rights for commercial use.
  • All music rights are cleared or original.
  • All talent rights are cleared.