About Us

LoCo+ is the first streaming platform for local filmmakers, content creators, and music artists.

We level up content creators from social media platforms by providing a premium, curated, networked experience while offering audiences the opportunity to discover independent content by place.

Why Loco+

Creators have a home market advantage to launch and grow.

Monetization tools to activate fans online and offline, including paywalls and ticketing.

Local ecosystems allow creators to collaborate & build audiences together.

Geolocation enables local discoverability, while an open network allows universal discoverability by genre and likeness.

How it Works

  • Creators submit a content sample to be accepted on the platform. Content must meet technical requirements and Community Guidelines.
  • Creators set up a channel to begin publishing content on LoCo+. Exclusive content is preferred but not required.
  • Creators manage publishing, earnings, and audience data through our backend Creator Studio. Content is streamed as a network.
  • Creators activate monetization tools to begin earning. Creators take home 80% of their earnings.