Welcome to Momentum Minutes!

Momentum Minutes is a segment created to shift the way we Show Up in our communities, in the eyes of our elected officials, society, the law-making process and help us build futures we can be proud of and protected in.

Why Now? Why #MomentumMinutes? 
This was birthed in my spirit a few months ago as an extension of my calling to be a #GovGirl and a creative connector. Who am I connecting? The people to their leaders and the issues that matter most to them!

For the five years that I’ve worked in #LocalGovernment, I’ve seen elected officials do some pretty uplifting and transformational things in their communities. But always thought how much greater of an impact they would have if they heard from us — the #culture, and my friends with ideas, dreams and influence — and if we were at the table. 

So, here it is! Here’s my contribution to our Democracy and the need to create safe places for a reflective and engaged electorate to feel important — to know our voices are heard. 

Keywords: Kelli B, Momentum Minutes, Advocacy, Voting, Culture

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