Travel Guide: Cultural Appropriation vs Culture Sharing (Appreciation)

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When you travel the world you are introduced to many different cultures. And if you spend enough time in a place, with the people who live there, making new friends…a connection with the land, community and environment, the people may want to share a bit of themselves with you, through their traditions and cultural practices. That may be simply by sharing a meal or it can be as deep as them inviting you to a heritage ceremony and inviting you to dress in their traditional clothes. These experiences are my favorite part of travel and in this video I break down how this can be done in an ethical way - specifically for travelers. And the conclusions and approach I share in this video is based on my experiences as a traveler since age 10, my educational background with a degree in the Study of World Religions, and my professional approach as a veteran journalist with more than 20 years experience. I by no means know it all. So constructive feedback and discussions will only be engaged with. Thank you for checking out this story.

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