Special Election Episode

2020 | 15:21 | Explicit

Oh my God, it's not over yet? Seriously? Seriously. Thanks to Georgia's 50% rule, we've got to get through January 5th before this ballot hell is over. But that doesn't mean the anger industrial complex is finished with us--which is why we asked Lauren Anderson (FBI), Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune), Valerie Plame (CIA), and Nick Turse (war correspondent) to join Michele for a glass of Massican. Oh--and there's a special guest star, too.

About The Cocktail Conversations:
Building a new kind of party animal, one cocktail at a time… Hosted by award-winning journalist and filmmaker, Michele Mitchell, each episode is a racy, raucous, and informed deep-dive into all the topics you wanna talk about but are afraid to ask.

Keywords: impact news, michele mitchell

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